2024 Deja Vu: Strange Parallels with 2020 – What’s Really Happening?

As we dive into the fabric of time, it becomes increasingly apparent that history is not merely a linear progression but rather a cyclical phenomenon. In the first few weeks of 2024, the world has become ensnared in a web of uncanny parallels with the tumultuous year of 2020. From the glitz of the entertainment industry to the corridors of political power, the echoes of the past reverberate, beckoning us to unravel the conspiracy of repetition.

Prior to the Superbowl, this image was floating around the internet. It shows a list of similarities between the beginning of 2020 and 2024. Also to be noted, both years are election years.


A cornerstone of American culture, the Super Bowl serves not only as a battleground for athletic prowess but also as a stage for cultural phenomena. In 2020, the Kansas City Chiefs clashed with the San Francisco 49ers, culminating in a victory for the Chiefs. Fast forward to 2024, and history repeats itself with an almost unsettling accuracy as the same two teams find themselves locked in combat once more. The Chiefs emerge victorious yet again, this time in a thrilling overtime battle, mirroring the narrative of four years prior.

But the similarities do not end there. Lamar Jackson was in the MVP race again while the Texans’ triumph in the AFC South with 10 wins. The echoes of 2020 reverberate through the annals of NFL history, serving as a haunting reminder of the cyclical nature of fate.

Pop Culture

The echoes of repetition do not end on the gridiron; they permeate pop culture as well. Enter Taylor Swift, a musical prodigy whose meteoric rise to fame has captivated the hearts of millions. In 2020, Swift stunned the world with her album “Folklore,” a departure from her usual pop stylings into the realm of folk music. This bold reinvention earned her critical acclaim and a slew of Grammy awards, including the coveted Album of the Year.

Yet, just as the dust settled from this triumph, Swift once again finds herself at the pinnacle of success in 2024, this time with her album “Midnights.” The parallels are striking: two albums, two victories, and a continued dominance of the music industry. But is it mere coincidence, or is there a hidden hand guiding Swift’s trajectory?

Now, before anyone comes for me, I am a “Swiftie.” I grew up enjoying her music and went to the Eras Tour. However, it’s also important to have an open mind. The music industry is not immune from corruption and rigging.

Billie Eilish has also captured the hearts of millions with her haunting melodies, earning accolades and adulation as she ascended to the summit of the music industry in 2020. Fast forward to 2024, and the echoes of Eilish’s triumph reverberate once more as she clinches the coveted title of Song of the Year. The parallels are obvious: the same artist, the same acclaim, and the same cultural zeitgeist.


And finally, we come to the heart of the matter: the arena of politics. In 2020, the nation was gripped by a bitter battle for the presidency, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden clashed in a struggle for supremacy that would divide the nation and reshape the course of history.

Fast forward to 2024, and the stage is set once more for a political clash. Trump, undeterred by his previous defeat, seeks redemption against his old adversary Biden. The nation braces itself for another round of political theater. The parallels are unmistakable: the same candidates, the same animosity, and the same divided nation teetering on the brink of chaos. Is this mere coincidence, or is there a deeper conspiracy at play, manipulating the strings of fate for its own inscrutable ends?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the parallels between 2020 and 2024 defy conventional explanation. This challenges us to expand our understanding of temporal dynamics. Through the lens of scientific inquiry, we have uncovered a tapestry of synchronicity.

To quote Gibbs from NCIS: “There’s no such thing as a coincidence.” What are your thoughts about these similarities? Prior to the Superbowl, there were some jokes online that a 49ers victory would break us out of the “COVID loop.” Unfortunately for them, the Chiefs were victorious yet again. So, is COVID part two coming in March? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. And check out last week’s conspiracy corner here.

No matter how big your tin foil hat is, one thing remains clear: the universe is far more intricately connected than we could ever imagine.


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